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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111176946312623162718670111David NixonToronto Workers2017/2018D4 Grade1 1Belly Boys CC
210018492912623162703026100Joshua WestwoodToronto Workers DC2017/2018First Grade4 1Wallsend
3797714661262316271667279*Stefan A KardamisToronto Workers DC2017/2018Fourth Grade2 1Belmont
4657583041262316271602865*Blake GlennieToronto Workers DC2017/2018Third Grade3 1Waratah Mayfield
5647583041262316271667264*Blake GlennieToronto Workers DC2017/2018Fourth Grade2 1Belmont
6631611261262316272739663*Luke W GaratyToronto Workers DC2017/2018Second Grade2 1Belmont
7591611111262316272732159Scott I MarjoribanksToronto Workers DC2017/2018Second Grade3 1Waratah Mayfield
8581611241262316271610358Christopher J KuszelykToronto Workers DC2017/2018Third Grade2 1Belmont
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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