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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1992411261552316387451699Benjamin RobertsToronto Workers2021/20221st Grade Competition8 1Belmont DCC
2911607181552316386330191Steven D MudfordHunter Taverners2021/2022Suburban Districts Division 512 1Valentine Eleebana Green
39012204841552316386330190*Jonathan AlchinHunter Taverners2021/2022Suburban Districts Division 512 1Valentine Eleebana Green
4831606981552316387924083Corey LovedayToronto Workers DC2021/2022Gilmour Cup (Masters)1 1Belmont DCC
5721607181552316386328872Steven D MudfordHunter Taverners2021/2022Suburban Districts Division 59 1Waratah Mayfield DCC
6711350221552316387434071Corey G BrownToronto Workers2021/20221st Grade Competition5 1Newcastle City
7621611111552316387913262Scott I MarjoribanksToronto Workers DC2021/2022Denis Broad OAM Cup (Lower Grades T20)QF 1Maryland Fletcher CC
8591611241552316387515759Christopher J KuszelykToronto Workers2021/20224th Grade Competition1 1Stockton & Northern Districts DCC
9551611241552316387487255Christopher J KuszelykToronto Workers2021/20223rd Grade Competition5 1Newcastle City
10551607181552316386329755Steven D MudfordHunter Taverners2021/2022Suburban Districts Division 511 1Adamstown CC Brown Munde
11541179541552316386303354Liam J TaylorToronto Diggers Mudcrabs2021/2022Suburban Districts Division 64 1Beresfield Memorial
125321978331552316387518253cameron bullussToronto Workers2021/20224th Grade Competition5 1Newcastle City
135023091451552316387503450*Tim TrittonToronto Workers2021/20223rd Grade Competition8 1Belmont DCC
145016306641552316390369850Alex HuttonToronto2021/2022Under 15 Division 21 1Newcastle City Bluenk
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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